"the little jazz mix​-​tape"

by MC (Till)

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Cincinnati, OH – February 19, 2013 – In anticipation for MC Till's new jazz created hip-hop album MC Till releases 'The Little Jazz Mix Tape.' The project can be downloaded for free at www.mctill.bandcamp.com or www.mctill.com

Till's new album will be released this spring and features all new music created by legendary jazz drummer Jon Von Ohlen, jazz pianist, Steve Schmidt, Grammy-nominated bassist Byron House, and Grammy-nominated producer Ric Hordinski.

To get fans ready for the jazz MC Till recorded a six track mix-tape where he raps over tunes from such jazz giants as Bob James and Ahmad Jamal.

For media inquiries, contact:
 mctillmusic@gmail.com 812.430.4464


released January 29, 2013

Recorded with love and respect for jazz music.



all rights reserved


MC (Till) Cincinnati

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Track Name: first song (jazz)
Ran for the title
Best Christian alive
put my hand on the bible
I will tell no lie
I ran off the idles
And I looked at Christ
we were both sittin idle
so I went outside

outside the walls
outside theology
outside the calls
of modern mediocrity
we all just stall
religion owns property
intellect falls
under one god monopoly

I can’t be you
You can’t be me
But I do need you
Like you need me
Get off the truth
seek out the peace
Extend a hand in truce
Pour a glass and drink

(I’m) livin good now
neighborhood good now
Grip Gavel, put right foot down
Took off runin’ left foot left behind
Forget it I’ll just sit, spit you a def rhyme

Raised in a small place The great name Evansville
Grace gave faith Pushed out heaven’s will
What that really is, don’t really know yet.
I let go, let God control it

Don’t get me wrong, still put work in
Write these songs at night in a whirlwind
Wake up with thoughts of samples and break beats
Music lives where heaven and land meet
Track Name: prelude (jazz)
Went from beautiful raw to a beautiful break
Now my life is sittin in a pretty beautiful place
A space for forgiveness and abundance in grace
When I walk outside I see a usual face

No longer live within traditions of men
Exept for those traditions that win, hence
I will not accept reckless blind acceptance
However, I will accept the divine when

I’m in the presence of my elders and friends and
they speak to me with love no condescending
I sport free hip-hop, no God is pending
Just livng in this world hope God is in me

(hook): 8
I stress and worry in my mind
But that stress and worry is a lie
If you look in my soul then you find
I am beautiful, most beautiful

I put that stress and worry on you
But that stress and worry isn’t you
If I look in your soul it is true
You are beautiful, most beautiul

Verse 2
Life is ruff, our diamonds are scuffed
We can’t see nor find what we are alive to love
But we search for it and we seek for it
And in between we hurt for it

(so believe this irrational thought and)
Accept this irrational thought
Lead me from love and a practical god
(As if) or (like) god loves us but disregards his creation
Like a father loves a child from a distant location

Out of all that religion and made up mess
Comes a lift non-fiction, hard, but not complex
It’s simple really, embrace pain and the laughter
Of the people we love, after all, that’s all that matters
Track Name: can this be (jazz)
Can this be marriage?
Can this be my(our) fate
From love, horse and carriage
To feelings of rage

From young and arrogant
Out on some dates
To bein’ transparent
And steppin’ out on faith

When the faith slips
And the heart melts
And from you lips
You speak what doesn’t help
You say things that you don’t mean
But you really mean.
Then, youre seen as mean… ah, uh, um

At that point you can’t speak
Loss of words so you meet
Your spouse with your face down
Thinkin to myself- Last 5 minutes wish I could erase now

But, I can’t so I have to live with it
She questions it, I wanna explicative it
I’m digging my grave and she can tell
situations like these know grace so well

Verse 2
Once we became husband wife
Everything in our lives intensified
Simple issues like self esteem
Put me on my knees screaming God help me please

This is not what we thought it would be
But, it is what it is so what it ought to be
Is nevermind that, let’s accept this
If we can accept this he can weld this

Form it shape it, well, it’s already done
Think of those times when it’s all really fun
Laughing, joking, just you and me
Rappin, yoga, community

We got a good thing goin’ a great thing goin’
Keep our eyes on that, it’ll keep going 3X

Verse 3
a-yo, I love you, love you so
more than you’ll ever, ever know
you try to run from that then I’m comin’ for you
give a lil somethin’ somethin’ for you

a little bit of space, then a whole lot of hug
a little kis of grace, holds a whole lot of love
forgive and repent, forgive and repent
in debt to your love, I give you my rent

you’re my new home
my new hip-hop
my new zone
beats sick and I hit the shot
everytime now
cause your mine now
cause I’m yours now
and when the floors out

we fall together,
win, loose, choose
to be in it all together
and that’s special to me?
You’re special to me
My heaven on earth, one swell of a queen
You’re my everything
Track Name: stilettos (jazz)
Verse 1
She rocks Converse high top stilettos only 12
Jewels cover herself confidence lacks
In her mind peers have ominous has
To fit into the scene so she fits into skinny jeans

Scimpy shirt, braw stickin out
Intimate escapades givine out
On the daily hail me she screams
At the same time, get away from me she leans
From 2 sides of dictotomy

It is me, it’s not of me
What do my friends think, what does my mom think
Why does my mom drink, Where has my dad been,
If life is so bad then, Can I just trip off of aspirin

Her mind is a running wheel, never becoming still
Her heart a numbing feel, her talk a mumbling spill
Her fast food a dumbing pill, has suicidal thoughts lacks something to kill
I love you!

Hook: (would like to scrap this hook and get someone to sing)
Reaches for the starts- barely above hell though
not one good girl friend or good fellow
Lives life with no life, not Dead though,
pushes up, pulls up in hightop stilettos

Verse 2
Where’s her daddy at
Is that him on the corner with a gat and a hat
Shouldn’t he be home reading a cat in the hat
It HAPPENS, dad walks out, momma’s trapped

SO baby GETS raised by the democrats
Government assistance, giving government hand outs

Fly guy with game starts layin’ it down (cash start talkin to her)
Pretty soon that same dude starts putting her down
Rough,then gentle, (she) feels loved then alone
and Long before she's grown has a baby of her own

if you see what I see, I view is obvious
Families torn apart, Cycles of poverty stress
Are more than hard, she’s (leave) bitter (and) brused
Confused (when) love walks in, but what do you do?
Track Name: thrive (jazz)
When he rises in the early morning
Clears his yawning and feels the need to exercise
Has to get out and do something
If nothing, but running, with or without his guys

Before he hits the door, he hits the kitchen
He’s trippin because the food pickins are so poor
He eats sugary filled milk surrounding processed
Filth but needs fresh fruit surmounting his health

But, daddy’s still gone, momma still young
And grandma’s singing that same ‘ol song like something’s wrong
Yeah, they’re all around him, but when he does wrong
No one grounds him and when he strives, no one grounds him

He’s By himself reminded by his shelf
Filled with cookies and snacks that he has shotty health
He laces his kicks up, grabs his bag
Swallows the morning air and gags, it’s such a drag

Walks to school surpasses play grounds
That are shut down so he can’t even play now
We need that campaign played out
Cause kids need hope and change now

But it’s not just up to politicians or up to kids
It’s up to all of us to give kids a love to live
They want it; I see it in their eyes
They want it; but it is so hard to thrive

How hard can it be, dog, it’s that hard
When no one around you seems to be trying at all
Drama so close can’t even play in my back yard
In this game of life I always get these bad calls

But adults are like refs calling the shots
Let’s give kids what they need: a ball and a plot
Of land that’s clean with slides and swings
Police nearby so when hoodlums let shots ring

Justice gets served, land gets returned
To the peacemakers, kids who love to take turns
Let us take turns cleaning up
Playgrounds are in need of some tweaking, weeding up

Through the cracks the grass grows high
reach up, cut glass falls from the sky 
Idle hands only deprive,
enough we this, we that, its time that We Thrive.