the get down

by MC (Till)

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MC (Till) and the intentional community of the Walnut Hills Fellowship have a simple mission; to love and serve their neighbors in Walnut Hills.

Intentional Justice has a very simple mission; to connect people, groups, and churches with intentional communities.

The Get Down is the first release from Intentional Justice. By becoming a partner with Intentional Justice you are supporting the work of the Walnut Hills Fellowship. As a partner, you also enjoy many perks like this album that you are about to purchase. THANK YOU!


released June 12, 2012

Hello: beat by MC (Till)
Thrive: beat by Michelle Obama
Can This Be: beat by Tek Nalo G
Just the Way You Are: beat by someone wonderful
Fresh: beat by MC (Till)
Beautiful People: by Agape Alive
Get Down pt. 2: beat by MC (Till)
I Think You're Beautiful: beat by Suhnraw
Cold Ain't Why: beat by Sean J.
Justice Call: beat by Sean J.
Pass the Rock: beat by Pete Rock (jacked from Pete Rock)
Get Down pt 1: beat by MC (Till)
Thrive: beat by J. Rawls



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MC (Till) Cincinnati

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Track Name: Thrive
When he rises in the early morning
Clears his yawning and feels the need to exercise
Has to get out and do something
If nothing, but running, with or without his guys

Before he hits the door, he hits the kitchen
He’s trippin because the food pickins are so poor
He eats sugary filled milk surrounding processed
Filth but needs fresh fruit surmounting his health

But, daddy’s still gone, momma still young
And grandma’s singing that same ‘ol song like something’s wrong
Yeah, they’re all around him, but when he does wrong
No one grounds him and when he strives, no one grounds him

He’s By himself reminded by his shelf
Filled with cookies and snacks that he has shotty health
He laces his kicks up, grabs his bag
Swallows the morning air and gags, it’s such a drag

Walks to school surpasses play grounds
That are shut down so he can’t even play now
We need that campaign played out
Cause kids need hope and change now

But it’s not just up to politicians or up to kids
It’s up to all of us to give kids a love to live
They want it; I see it in their eyes
They want it; but it is so hard to thrive

How hard can it be, dog, it’s that hard
When no one around you seems to be trying at all
Drama so close can’t even play in my back yard
In this game of life I always get these bad calls

But adults are like refs calling the shots
Let’s give kids what they need: a ball and a plot
Of land that’s clean with slides and swings
Police nearby so when hoodlums let shots ring

Justice gets served, land gets returned
To the peacemakers, kids who love to take turns
Let us take turns cleaning up
Playgrounds are in need of some tweaking, weeding up

Through the cracks the grass grows high
reach up, cut glass falls from the sky
Idle hands only deprive,
enough we this, we that, its time that We Thrive.
Track Name: MC Till & Aprina - Can This Be?
Can this be marriage?
Can this be my(our) fate
From love, horse and carriage
To feelings of rage

From young and arrogant
Out on some dates
To bein’ transparent
And steppin’ out on faith

When the faith slips
And the heart melts
And from you lips
You speak what doesn’t help
You say things that you don’t mean
But you really mean.
Then, youre seen as mean… ah, uh, um

At that point you can’t speak
Loss of words so you meet
Your spouse with your face down
Thinkin to myself- Last 5 minutes wish I could erase now

But, I can’t so I have to live with it
She questions it, I wanna explicative it
I’m digging my grave and she can tell
situations like these know grace so well

Verse 2
Once we became husband wife
Everything in our lives intensified
Simple issues like self esteem
Put me on my knees screaming God help me please

This is not what we thought it would be
But, it is what it is so what it ought to be
Is nevermind that, let’s accept this
If we can accept this he can weld this

Form it shape it, well, it’s already done
Think of those times when it’s all really fun
Laughing, joking, just you and me
Rappin, yoga, community

We got a good thing goin’ a great thing goin’
Keep our eyes on that, it’ll keep going 3X

Verse 3
a-yo, I love you, love you so
more than you’ll ever, ever know
you try to run from that then I’m comin’ for you
give a lil somethin’ somethin’ for you

a little bit of space, then a whole lot of hug
a little kis of grace, holds a whole lot of love
forgive and repent, forgive and repent
in debt to your love, I give you my rent

you’re my new home
my new hip-hop
my new zone
beats sick and I hit the shot
everytime now
cause your mine now
cause I’m yours now
and when the floors out

we fall together,
win, loose, choose
to be in it all together
and that’s special to me?
You’re special to me
My heaven on earth, one swell of a queen
You’re my everything
Track Name: MC Till, Aprina, & MC Forty - Fresh
Verse 1: MC Till
Just last month, life such a mess
I put god on trial like you must confess
Why you do this to me?
frustration run through me
Pain in my blood not sustained by your love

Feel so stressed if I sweat a bleed
Waiting on you to give me the blessing I need
As I waited I paced with thoughts racing
My face mean mugging the situation I was facing

Feelin’ down and out, cause my wife just found out
We might have mold in our place and we have to move now
Where we go, I don’t know, the one thing I know I don’t want to go.
(We are now there though)

Not at home now but in a safe house and
My brother just hit me off with half a thousand
To get caught up on bills and such
So many people care is my life really that tough?

(As) I look around I see more people that care
(More) people that love me unconditionally it isn’t fare
Not sure if the Lord did it or not
I am foolish dude though, I give glory to god ah


Verse 2: Aprina
It’s where we all wanna flee butterfly’s flyin free
Birds and the bee’s with the leaves
Floatin along with the breeze”

We wanna rewind time when we had such an innocent mind
Where laughing was easily done and crying was quickly overcome

We wanna unzip the pain
Let it flow right in that cleansing rain
Gimme sumthin fresh
Gimme sumthin new
Gimme sumthin fresh
Gimme sumthin new


Verse 3: MC Forty
(just listen closely)
Track Name: I Think You're Beautiful
I judge people and I cuss people
And if people are women, then I lust people
I’m inadequate, MC (Till)’s a great man?
Inaccurate, I’m actually fixed to pationately sin

Time and again I need to find a good friend
Tell ‘em I’m feelin’ grim and that I’m lying within
But, do I do it? No, but do I do it no!
But do I do it? No, but do I do it! Ohggg

And yet the beauty in my life flows
Cause the future of my life knows
The past in me is not life now
And that’s beautiful and beautiful is right now

Yeah, beautiful is right now
Feel’s like grace cause beautiful is right now
The past in me is not life now
And that’s beautiful, beautiful is right now!


Verse 2:
Just listen.